Rally Day

Big things are happening at SMBC!

There has been discussion about new cabins at camp for many years. Plans have been drawn up for some time, but the go ahead had been held up. Over the last couple of years, the board (especially Randy and Isaiah Weilbaker and Jim Pierce) has worked to get the details worked out to begin building. In the fall of 2019...work began! We have a nearly completed, brand new cabin on the girls side! But more on that later!

So what are we working on now?

After the realization that the global health pandemic was going to change camp for the 2020 season, the board of directors had to make new plans for Rally Day. So this year we are virtual! We will be uploading videos here all day long to share camp with everyone even when we are unable to be together. Rally Day is an important event each year. Its the start of the camp season and a chance for us to see each other and to financially support camp each year. Usually, the donations that are given on Rally Day support the operating fund for camp. It helps pay bills and buy supplies as we prepare for campers. This year, we have a new target. We are hoping to raise $150,00 by July 4th!

Why the bigger number?

That number is definitely larger than our normal Rally Day donations. But God has blessed the camp and we are comfortable with the amount already existing in our general fund. And without campers on the facilities this summer, we think God is giving us the opportunity to do something that is normally difficult in the summer. We want to do more construction! We want to use this chance to build ANOTHER cabin on the boy's side.

We have completed the new girls cabin with absolutely no debt. In order to begin contruction of another cabin, we have a target of $150,000 to be sure that we can build a new cabin and septic system without any additional debt.

How can I help?

We're glad you asked! The first thing you can do is to pray for us! We wouldn't be able to do any of this without the guidance of God. Second, you can share our mission with your friends and family. Share a video or photo of why you love SMBC on social media. Be sure to tag SMBC and use #ILoveSMBC so we can see it! We'll be posting videos all day so share those, too! Third, we need your financial support! We will take donations big and small, every dollar counts! You can donate by the paypal link below, by mailing in a check to PO Box 508 Mitchell, In 47446, or by bringing your donation directly to a member of the board.

Thank you to all the supporters, volunteers, directors, counselors, nurses, cooks, and campers who have made camp such an amazing place for the last nearly 60 years! We appreciate all that you have done and are thankful for your help in securing the future of SMBC!

Watch our facebook for more updates!

Work Days

Work days are scheduled throughout the year to help prepare the camp facilities for the camp year before the camp season and for the winter weather after the camp season. Volunteers of all skill levels are appreciated to get the most work done. For more information about the work required on those days please call the camp or send us an email.

2020 Work Days

  • March 7, 2020
  • March 4, 2020
  • April 4, 2020
  • April 11, 2020
  • May 9, 2020
  • October 10, 2020
  • November 7, 2020
  • Affiliate Support

    Camp has partnered with several local and national businesses for you to help camp in your daily lives! If you have other suggestions or would like to support camp from your business, please let us know!

    Do you use a Kroger Plus Card? By registering your Kroger Plus card every November and linking it to camp, Kroger will give a portion of what you spend at Kroger to camp at NO extra cost to you!

    Do you shop online through Amazon.com? Instead of going to Amazon.com, go to Smile.Amazon.com and choose Spring Mil Bible Camp as your charity of choice. Amazon will send a portion of the proceeds directly to camp at NO cost to you!

    First time H&R Block customers can use the Non-Profit Id 40010001079311 to have H&R Block donate $20 to camp at NO extra cost to you!


    Financial donations make a significant impact on the viability of camp and the progress that camp continues to make. Your gifts help camp maintain daily operations, upkeep camp facilities, and make capital improvements. There are big things in the future of SMBC, and with your help we can continue to teach the youth of this generation about the love, grace, and sacrifice God has blessed us with through his Son.

    Donate to SMBC online! You will be directed to an outside and secure website to donate through Paypal. All major credit cards are accepted, however some processing fees will be taken from your donation.

    Building Fund Donations
    General Fund Donations

    Financial gifts can also be given to any member of the Board of Directors, sent directly to the camp Treasurer at PO Box 508 Mitchell, In 47446.